Be My Light (P) DanAlbro

And We Were In Love

She’s Mine

Take My Name

Goodnight Kiss

Feet Dont Fail Me Now

Crystal Touch CBA2020     Video

She’s Country

I Dont Want Tonight

Wine, Beer, Whiskey DanAlbro

We Are Tonight DanAlbro

Half Past Tipsy

Morning Sun

Ain’t No Thang          Video

Gone West


Day of the Dead

Old Friends in America

Let your Momma      Video

Backroad Nation        Video

Nothing But You          VIDEO

Old Friends in Amerika     Video

Knockin Boots          Video

Codigo          Video

Who Needs MexicoBell       VIDEO

Black Horse              VIDEO

The Fighter            VIDEO

Damn!!!!!               VIDEO

Silver Lining         VIDEO

The Flute              VIDEO

Brokenhearted      Video

Waves Of Love         Video

Graffiti                    Video

Chasin’ Tail Lights      Video

Someone Else C.H.Black   


Drift AwayFowler     Video

Country In The City    Video

Bring Down The House   Video

Callin BR Böhm       

American Kids Pelletier       VIDEO

I’m On a Roll Rob Holley       VIDEO

Coming Home

Texas Time     VIDEO

Get It Right        VIDEO

Free and Easy     VIDEO

Peaple are  Good    Video

I Got  This Too     VIDEO

Half a Cha       VIDEO

Anything For Love    VIDEO

All The King's Horses   VIDEO

Better Days

A Girl Like You    VIDEO

Down On Your Uppers    VIDEO

Story      VIDEO

Roots         VIDEO

Feel The Beat     VIDEO

Tic Tac      Video

Highway Honky Tonk    VIDEO

Cards On The Table   VIDEO

Ive Got Mexico     VIDEO

Forget Me Not    VIDEO

Chasing Down a Good TimeAlbro VIDEO

An Underdog    VIDEO


First Kiss     VIDEO

Lonely Drum     VIDEO

Champagne Promise   VIDEO

Lalali (Hollnsteiner)   VIDEO

Missing            VIDEO

Twist And Turn     VIDEO

Hungover      VIDEO

Boys & a Girl Thing     

Lay Down And DanceJakob VIDEO Yours If You Wanted It   VIDEO Crash and Burn    VIDEO  

Fire and Lace   VIDEO

One Shot    VIDEO

Kick A Little Dirt Around VIDEO

Empty Space    VIDEO

Blue aint your Color Barbara .Wallace

Missing Dan Albro       VIDEO

Hold   VIDEO

Brokenheartsville  Video

16 Bars     VIDEO

Holly’s Church     VIDEO

Thinkin’ Country   VIDEO

2 Lane Highway

Three (Wooden) Crosses  VIDEO

A Country High  VIDEO

Hey Girl    VIDEO

Dance Again  Video

Smiling   Video

Jolene, Jolene   Video

Love Her For a While   VIDEO

Close To You  VIDEO

Lay Low  VIDEO

Like a Rose   VIDEO

Live, Laugh, Love      VIDEO

Sunbeam   VIDEO

Down The Road

Sinatra & Chardonnay   VIDEO


Chill Factor  

Tag On    VIDEO

Girl In A Country Song   VIDEO

Dirt Road Dancing

Feet Don’t Fail Me Now


Real Deal (a.k.a. T-r-o-u-b-l-e)



Woman Trouble

Raggle Taggle Gypsy O

Eat Sleep Love

Old Beach Roller Coaster

Stroll Along Cha Cha

Long Hot Summer (Partner)

Let`s Roll With It

Just Me And You (Centre Of My World)

Little Bit Of Everything

Double Shot Of Crown

Boys Round Here

It’s Hard To Be a Hippie

This Is Me

The Shoebox

Corn Don't Grow

Dixie RD

The Boat To Liverpool

American Kids

After The Storm  VIDEO

Wishful Thinking

Tears On A Highway

Drunk On A Plane

Joe and Rosalita

Before The Devil

Not Fair

You Got That Thang

Drinkin Bone Boogie

Where i Belong

Urban Grace

Mercury Blues

Feel Good Shuffle

You’re So Naughty

Walk The Line

Bottle of Wine

Wave on Wave

Waltzing Mathilda

Angel Eyes

Sticks & Stones

Flyin Sparx

Country Two Step    VIDEO  

Good Day to Run

Disappearing Taillights    VIDEO   

I Love a Rainy Night

Dancing in the Dark

Ready to Roll

Move in The Right Direction

A Night Like This